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Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Philosophy of Lennonism

An explanation of the chatroom philosophy of Lennonism, founded by JohnLennon, SEANJOHN, Dogmai20f, and sythdark08

1. Lennonism is a libertarian nationalist policy which is pro-western.

2. Lennonism opposes censorship of all kinds.

3. Lennonism supports religious pluralism and thus opposes both radical secularity and radical moralism and will wage war on both groups wherever they operate.

4. Lennonism opposes corruption and will wage war on all corrupt moderators on the internet.

5. Lennonism is a loosely organized front, with members of the philosophical order operating independently, and in groups when they themselves choose.

6. Lennonism wages asymmetric warfare against foes online.

7. Lennonism opposes convert seeking.

8. I troll u lolz

 The armies of Lennonism

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