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Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Legend of the #Christianity Raids: 2007-2013 and Beyond

The reverse crusades lasted for half a decade.

If you ask the regulars on #christianity in ICQ about chatroom raids they aren't given to wanting to discuss the issue- most of them will either refer to "the 4chan morons" or "JohnLennon is an asshole."

I have already explained both the reasoning behind, and most methods behind, the raids on Youtube, but the Youtube audience is less involved than most believe in these attacks, which ranged from spamming and nick swiping, to a raiding, marauding campaign of terror which lasted for two full years, culminating in #christianity being delisted, #islam being delisted (and going defunct, which led the muslims to try and create their own site) and #buddhism being targeted as collateral damage, although it was never directly meant to be attacked.

The purpose behind the raids was simple but divided:

1. Drive out some of the worst fundamentalists who had repeatedly abused others.

2. Get the rooms reformed, destroyed, or delisted, in order to stamp out the ability of the fundamentalists to load the room with allies.

3. Balance the rooms regular userbase to encourage a real discourse rather than nonstop, preachy bullshit.

Common in the room is the claim from regulars that my purpose was "to destroy #christianity" but few of them seem to remember that the real goal (stated as early as 2009) was to destabilize the room and get rid of people like Fiat_Lux, poetgerardUEST and laut, who were some of the most crazy of fundamentalists. There were, of course, dozens of other heinous regular fundies whose names escape us all, lost in the sands of time forever.

That every single fundamentalist I targeted left ICQ, and that both rooms I targeted were delisted, was a great success- the icing on the cake was the retirement of several moderators who had contributed regularly to the problems on both rooms, by squashing any form of debate levied against the fundamentalists by people who had more sensible belief systems (because to them, the fact that the room was called #christianity meant only christians were allowed to have opinions there.) In fact, the earliest raids were meant to dislodge one particularly bad moderator from the room, which had limited success at best and was a waste of time without mass raids.

There was a time in 2010 when the raids became self sustaining, and became so severe that I couldn't have stopped them if I tried- in the course of a single night I saw 4 raids that I myself had nothing to do with (while lurking as a guest) during which the spamming was so severe, the room automatically locked itself dozens of times. Some of these raiders became regular chatters in other rooms.

I never encouraged spamming because when the room gets locked, debate can't exist- the main purpose was to load the room against the christians so heavily that the moderators would either get bored or annoyed and leave (which worked) and to stifle, if only temporarily, the voices of the fundamentalists, who up until then had had no resistance and didn't understand how nonbelievers felt when they whined to the moderators about the big bad nonchristians in their safe, snuggly little room.

In an ironic twist of fate, some of the few remaining regular christian chatters still claim I failed in my goals, even though the room now contains more nonbelieving regulars than christians, and is rarely moderated at all, allowing a civil discourse to exist.

In late 2011 the raids calmed and the method switched to nick swiping, and over the course of this period of time, hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of nicknames were swiped night after night from regulars who either didn't want to or didn't know how to register their names. At one point it became difficult to tell who was who for some users, especially when some were switching their MAC addresses nightly.

In the present era (7AL or, seven years into the age of Lennon) the rooms are mostly quiet, with the occasional rogue troll, the occasional raid when need be, and rarely the need for any moderation at all- however, at a moments' notice, the same old war machine is still fully capable of mounting a fiery blitzkrieg capable of repulsing rooms for days on end.

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