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Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Gay Ways of PrincessZ

JohnLennon enjoys a dinner amidst his more recent conquests

There are a lot of fruity chatters on ICQ- some I have already exposed in all of their gay glory, but the fruitiest of all has to be PrincessZ from #middle_east. The reasons for this fruitiness are unknown, but he/she provided a brief if amusing attempt at countertrolling anyways.

I've spent some time in #middle_east spewing the standard Lennon-ish fare of diarrhea references and urine humor- this apparently didn't please PrincessZ, who is either a fairly persistent but inept countertroll, or a genuinely confused ethnic American (so claimed) who retains the pro-censorship trappings of their supposedly native Israel.

In their attempt to drive me from the room, this user has reported me before, only once to any effect- but today, snapped and attempted to get me to leave by spewing a sort of inane public service announcement, namely that I was a piece of shit and a sexual predator (although these PSAs would have been more effective had all the words been properly spelled.) The level of ineptitude gave me a very genuine chuckle.

When that didn't work, I figured I might as well clone the username- which bothered them enough so that they retrieved a moderator (who spent the next 15 minutes afk despite a massive trolling raid which made most regular chatters leave. I can only assume the moderator was taking a massive dump.)

I switched back to my normal username and proceeded to report this other user for harassment- which ended the feud in a stalemate because the OP finally came back from a second 5 minute break which probably consisted of pulling chunks of gristle from his anus.

Since this other user left out of boredom not being able to harass me with the OP present (or because their parents told them to go to bed) I decided to check if the nick was registered- it wasn't, so I registered it myself and set enforce on it so it would become unusable to anyone except me (Disclaimer to any OPs who might read this- it's not considered a breach of ICQ rules to do this- it's only nick stealing if it's already been registered by another user- it's allowable to register any unregistered nick regardless of whether it's being used regularly.)

This marks merely another victory in a very long struggle solidifying my absolute power over those rooms I choose to frequent.

To truly destroy a foe you must blot out their very name.

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