This blog is a satire of the now-defunct ICQ chat service, which is thankfully dead because I destroyed it.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Gay Ways of ICQ's Ban System

This supposedly stops all the bad guys and cybercriminals

In the olden days, before retarded folks took over ICQ, the autobot would kick you for spamming, then ban you on that room for an hour, and then if you persisted elsewhere, finally give you a 24 hour sitewide heel cooling.

No longer are those glory days, back when the ban system made sense- now is the time where "spamming" (which apparently means typing quickly enough to trigger the bot) will get you an automatic 24 hour ban for one infraction- which might explain why a lot of chatters seem low-IQ (because their more swift counterparts get banned for no reason and leave the site on their first day.)

Much like these days the mods do just about whatever they want (what few mods are still active anyways) the bot reflects the slow decay of ICQ- TNTease swore that the IRCops wanted to improve the sites overall appeal, and that they would "get around to it" (which probably means in 2020 or so.)

The fact is that anyone more intelligent than an autistic koala huffing airplane glue can jump their ban system in minutes, so it's utterly pointless and only discourages legit chatters from coming back- meanwhile big bad trolls like me harass rooms endlessly, free to roam in our natural homosexual habitat, buttfucking other chatters gayly like the animalistic gayboys we are.


  1. OMG styx, this just happened to me for typing too fast! :)

  2. squiggie baby. this is vladimir..i miss you.....