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Friday, December 27, 2013

The Fabled #Vampiress and the Arrival of JohnLennon on ICQ

All My Feels for #Vampiress and #Witches

Very, very few people know the story of how I came to be on ICQ in the first place- but now, heralded here, is the ancient story of how JohnLennon came to be, in 2007, on ICQ.

It all started with my own involvement with occult and pan-religious study- at the time I was a christian, but I had no problem with wiccans (having met some of them beforehand) and figured I'd research their religion a bit- I stumbled upon a site called wiccachat, which was fortunate because I never would have known ICQ existed if it hadn't been for their room, #witches, embedded on the now (sadly) defunct site.

I met many good wiccans and pagans there, I was also solicited by some "vampires" and encouraged to chat on #vampiress- I am not sure if these were goth roleplayers, sanguinarians, or psyvamps, because at the time I didn't know enough to ask. I ended up chatting more frequently on #vampiress for quite some time, as I had been banned in #witches just for mentioning the existence of the room- as I then learned, the two rooms fought constantly over petty shit.

Once I realized ICQ wasn't some sort of naturalized, embedded service for wiccachat but was its own site, I quickly gravitated towards #christianity because of my belief in jesus- but because at the time it was full of insane zealots (and I was not a zealot myself) I ended up disliking the christians and realizing they were far more insane, violent, and purely evil than the same pagans and devil worshipers I had been researching, and that the pagans and devil worshipers not only welcomed me despite my christian background, but had never even attempted to convert me or, really, even debate me on my naive, abrahamic views.

After a nearly year long hiatus of not even visiting ICQ (from late 2008 into 2009) I came back, and found the same perverted, insane hypocrites like Fiat_Lux and laut still in full swing, and the rest was history, as I crushed them, and the room itself, in a tidal wave of pure antitheistic hate.

The sound of pure hatred mixed with just a tinge of regret

Had I not stepped in, #christianity (which is already messed up at times) would be its old self- populated by decaying moralist hypocrites who spent their time farting through their overalls and preaching about hellfire like a bunch of warped 1920s-era stump evangelists.

Unfortunately, #vampiress is defunct and #witches a shell of its former self- the other wiccachat-embedded room, #innercircle, persists, but is fairly humdrum (which is a pity, because it has the potential with millions of pagans and wiccans in the world to be a beehive of activity.)

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