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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Fabled P03TICAUK Blog

The work, chatting, and blogging of P03TICA is infamous around ICQ- focused on a nondenominational (but obviously protestant) view of the world, I myself find the work both confusing and interesting at the same time.

Oddly, had I met P03TICA in 2006 or 2007 I'd have likely agreed with most of her views, while later on, had I seen it, I'd have laughed at it.

In the current tense, I do a combination of the two- for the material on her blog (fueled by the views of Henry Makow and similar folks) runs from the highly warped and inaccurate, to the quite true.

For example, on the topic of material which is partially true, it is true that government movements are sometimes intertwined with the occult- we need look no further than the Vril Society in the 1930s to understand this (and these same individuals entered into the hierarchy of both the USA and USSR in the wake of World War Two) however, most material dedicated to this material assumes a sort of spiritually cultlike movement on the part of its membership- something not attributed to a reasonable view of what the nazi Vril members were actually doing. (In reality, the fusion of science and spirituality was quite complete- and there is at least some evidence to suggest that expats of such programs continued to operate in Argentina and Brazil well into the 1970s.)

Then there is the mostly accurate information- on such figures as Michael Aquino or Anton LaVey who were largely conmen and probably did dabble with criminal activity during their time spent enjoying the fruits of their (limited) powers- although it would be a stretch to implicate either of them in severe criminal wrongdoing without concocting a secondary conspiracy around them co-opting the entire justice system (my own, quite reliable sources say this is bunk.)

Then there is the pure nonsense, mostly related to the masons- a dying group of barbecue-holding wannabe templars who are grossly misunderstood. People (including P03TICA) indicate that their use of the term "Lucifer" as their god must mean they worship the devil- but as I have attempted to point out, the Greek term Lucifer comes from is talking about a very literal physical glowing or giving off of light, and referred to a dead Babylonian King, and to Jesus, but never to the devil.

All in all it can be frustrating to work through her material- for every post I find myself largely agreeing with or amused by, I see some other post that is so riddled with inaccuracy or bias that I close it in disgust.

But then, this is the way of the conspiracy-loving christian community, for while they are willing to believe that there is a conspiracy by masons and the illuminati to destroy christ, they aren't willing to believe that there is a (much more well established) conspiracy by the scientific community to cover up evidence that the Annunaki are real and that man was at least partly engineered by alien life forms which got mistaken for gods. I could make a blog post solely with links to explain my own feelings on the subject and it would be the longest blog post I ever made.

I do have to say that the Makow worship on her blog is hilarious though- Henry Makow is a fraud who is best remembered for inventing a half-assed board game for bored, middle class suburban parents rather than for his supposed literary success, largely based on his book about marrying a Filipino woman because he felt their culture more moral than western cultures (in reality it's likely that most women he met merely considered him insufferable and insane, and so broke up with him.)

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