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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Retarded Muslim Troll Returns: Muslimani, Formerly Greyclouds

The much awaited return of everyone's favorite lying islamic retard has finally come- after months of hiatus during which he spent his time pegging other men for fun, Muslimani AKA Greyclouds has returned to #christianity for his typical morning routine of taqqiya usage and greencard seeking.

This morning was especially fun, with him attempting to convince the largely empty room that people from the USA, and not Arabs and South Americans, were primarily to blame for the slave trade.

Apparently he doesn't understand that for every slave sold in the USA, five slaves were sold in Portuguese Brazil alone, with almost as many slaves sold to hispanics in the Caribbean islands as the USA, and that Muhammad himself referred to blacks as "raisin heads" that he considered mere animals.

When asked why the Arabs captured and sold blacks if they opposed slavery and had a progressive view of race, he predictably changed the subject to the interbreeding of Arabs and black Africans- which is amusing because aversion to the inclusion of dark skin persists to this very day in places like Egypt, where lighter skinned, more Arabic citizens and darker skinned citizens frequently hate each other with a venom that would make the KKK or Black Panthers look tame by comparison.

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