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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ragnarok Coming February 22nd 2014?

According to the modern day norse pagans in Britain, ragnarok is coming this upcoming February- the world will be afflicted by famine, destruction, and a winter which will last three years, culminating with the end times, the death of all old religion, and the slow return of mankind from (depending on whether you take the voluspo metaphorically or literally) small groups of survivors or a single Adam and Eve style pair of humans termed Frey and Freya.

This comes around the same time as the Mayan calendar cycle truly ends (literally two days from now) and roughly coincides content-wise with certain other prophetic statements, all of which seem to include a poisonous black rain and a mass die off due to deluge- interestingly almost all of these prophecies involve the concept of a cycle which closes, and another which begins immediately, sort of a refreshing period (much like the seasons themselves.)

 The voluspo as recited by members of Radio Werewolf

Ragnarok coincides with the literal death of the gods in a cosmic clash against various enemies, during which time the world is assaulted with all-engulfing ruin.

The blowing of the Gjallarhorn some days ago metaphorically signals the coming end.

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