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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lock00 and the Tinfoil Hat Movement

Lock00 (formerly just lock) is well known in #christianity and #atheism for his continuous, seemingly unending stream of youtube videos and RT/Al Jazeera articles, which he surmises is an adequate basis to formulate that bankers are trying to take over the world.

I love a good conspiracy- even better if it has some sort of evidence behind it (UFOs particularly)- but the type of crazed videos lock continually dumps are evidence only to him- oddly, his own links roughly compare to the type of material shat out upon the room every time Muslimani arrives.

Lock is correct in his CIA/heroin/Afghanistan and similar connections- what doesn't make sense, however, is why he is sticking largely to youtube videos to prove his point and never seems to submit the larrge scope of reliable sources available on such topics.

Then of course comes his manic stage, in which he blasts the USA as a den of vipers, before calming down and pointing out that he means the bankers and elite, not the entire population.

In times past lock has claimed to be Russian although he is not known to actually speak the language- it seems just as possible that he calls himself a Russian out of admiration for the other side of the hegelian dialectic between the eastern and western spheres which so many people have bought into- or maybe he's a Starbucks Marxist who thinks things magically improve with communism (and that the half dozen times it has been tried "didn't count.")

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