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Monday, December 16, 2013

lock (AKA lock00) Round Two: Taqqiya, Deception, and... Pakistan???

Lock goes apeshit when I see where he's connecting from on my blog

Although in the past lock00 has acted largely in an amicable manner, and been rumored to be Russian (based on his widespread use of applause for Vladimir Putin) it now seems he's actually a Pakistani wahabi from Islamabad who merely hates the USA and has swallowed the gay hegelian dialectic of USA versus Russia.

When I posted my blog for others to see, lock00 grabbed the bait- I always wondered if he was actually Russian- the other two active chatters, I already knew where they were from, so at first I was surprised when someone connected from Islamabad, but it turned out to be lock (who didn't try to deny his apparent Pakistani origins when I chuckled about it.)

To lock00, I am one of those "damn yanks" (Americans who don't virulently hate their own people and join jihadi movements like the homosexual lock is a member of in Islamabad) who, he surmises, is on welfare. I found his whining about American unemployment and his fixation on Detroit hilarious when even the more developed areas of Pakistan are deeply troubled, economically backwards third world shitholes.

I had always figured lock might secretly be a muslim based on his similarity to islamic convert seekers- the same willingness to spam inanely and fixate on posting youtube videos to back up his own (sometimes bizarre) claims.

His Putin fanboyship is quite funny- but lock00 of IslamaBAD has been exposed as the most long lived taqqiya-using Pakistani on the entire site, far eclipsing Muslimani or baaaaz.

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