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Thursday, December 12, 2013

John Lennon and the Temple of Vaginas (Sinbad on ICQ)

I look like this when I wake up in the morning

Now comes the tale of yet another crazed muslim- a contemporary of Muslimani who seems to be yet another islamchat expat who returned from the dying embers of the fallen chat site.

Sinbad spends most of his time AFK, while he tends to his apparently profuse belly hair, or goes out to feed his pet goats (which he calls "the chosen ones.") When he does get around to chatting, it generally consists of a mix of spam and lunacy- although unlike Muslimani he doesn't seem to insult others.

Enjoying the ire of other chatters with masochistic delight, Sinbad not only revels in being attacked, but seems to take a sort of absurd euphoric sexual pleasure in it- you can almost hear his moans of orgasmic pleasure as he beats off watching the chat window fill up with people swearing at him.

When his mere twanger begins to shoot taffy, Sinbad sits with glazed eyes and begins to rant incoherently, falling asleep at his keyboard and mashing the keys with his fingers.

On his off days (when he gets MERS from kissing the kabba) Sinbad is online but silent- nobody knows when he will tiptoe to his computer like a ninja, extra quiet so nobody knows he's there- and strikes, placing a few well chosen sentences into a room to cause chaos.

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