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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Islam on ICQ

ICQ is choked with goofy muslims like Muslimani and baaaaz and kokorecci who constantly try and fail to find western white women to have sex with.

In their offtime, when they aren't beating off to pictures of women revealing their ankles, these fruities try to convert the masses to islam, using their taqqiyah to convince confused and naive teenagers that pisslam is a religion of peace.

Thankfully their conversion rate is lower than that of any decent mushroom cult- most of the young girls they con into joining them, leave them when it's clear all they want is money and a ticket to the west where they'd dump their new concubines in favor of purchasing a tinted-windows, white robbery van to patrol for little kids to abduct.

Thus is the perverted way of islam both on and off ICQ- the perpetual scrounging for vaginas is endemic to their cult, along with their constant whining ways when banned.

For example, Muslimani AKA Sir-Truth AKA Greyclouds AKA Universal was banned yesterday for preaching in #ICQ_USA where he hangs out to meet preteen white girls for long, steamy cam sessions where he asks them to show him their ankles sexually- he whined in other rooms about discrimination and subsequently went to ophelp to bitch.

Thus is the way of a pansy-ass little gay, obese muslim bitch. He is a little sharmoota with shoes upon his face.

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