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Monday, December 9, 2013

ICQ's Darkest Hour: The PrarieRose Raids


And now it's time to recount a dark period in ICQ's history- the only time I have seen autobot put out a public service announcement, and the only time I have myself seen a nickname permanently retired from use- (although I am sure it has happened before)- the death of PrarieRose

I never, myself, saw PrarieRose moderating any rooms- I suppose she was one of the fortunate moderators that had enough seniority to not be told to occasionally mop up trolls in rooms being assaulted by raiding groups of marauders. From what I heard, she was one of the better-liked moderators, but that didn't stop me from shocking and disturbing the entire ophelp community when they made the mistake of announcing her death across all ICQ and asking for a moment of silence.

Instead, a new user, named "CorpseRose" was awakened to do battle- repeatedly jumping bans and entering ophelp while multiple raids were taking place both there and elsewhere, cracking jokes about corpses and explaining how bodies decompose, which vexed several of the moderators severely.

At the time I had several people enamored to my work, and even they felt this was going "too far." I had to explain that pushing the envelope was a good thing, and that trolling becomes boring and useless when it fails to innovate- pointing out that since the actual moderator herself was a grisly corpse she no longer cared, and the only people with hurt butts would be the other moderators.

The raids themselves weren't particularly large, but for unknown reasons a larger than normal number of the trolls called were able to jump bans, so ophelp experienced a persistent trickle of return visitors for several hours until it became clear that the moderators had all gone offline.

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