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Thursday, December 26, 2013

ICQ And the Case of Libra Being Butthurt

Be afraid, these people run the entire chatting system
From left clockwise: George, libra, Desolator, Matrix, TNTease

I still remember back in the good old days of early 2011 when #christianity and #islam got delisted, and pandemonium broke out, with dozens of confused religious folks scampering around listed rooms trying to get in, general chaos as I laughed and watched Rome burn, making several videos about how proud I was that I had managed to force ICQ to delist the rooms (they since have taken to claiming in my presence that I had nothing to do with it- but I have enough allies on ICQ to hear the real story from the same mods, who in private admit my raids were instrumental in getting the retarded rooms delisted.)

On one of these videos, in which I drank a goodly amount of brandy, celebrating the demise of the religious bloc, libra herself deigned to manifest before a pitiful mortal like me, leaving a short comment on the video (which unfortunately I did not screen cap) which was something along the lines of "you're an asshole, Lennon."

I remember one of the other IRCops also left a comment, I chuckled, but the ultimate prize was libra's reaction- considering she's online on chat maybe once a year tops, I assume she was very butthurt to take time out of her busy schedule (you know, collecting butterflies in the alpine forests and smoking her own cheddar cheese out on the prairie.)

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