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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Grunchley: Master of Twitter, Geocaching, and Chatting

(No seriously, that's his site's name.)

Grunchley has been a continual fixture on ICQ's #christianity for some time- he seems to have spawned himself a small empire consisting of geocaching material and even his own chatting site which he moderates- a sort of spinoff of the early raiding period when several christians tried and failed to create populated christian chatrooms on other sites (or on ICQ as unlisted rooms, like Andromeda's fabled #christianity2 or toms #christian.)

The fruity ways of Grunchley, who is a rather zealous christian, are well known- thankfully he's not insufferable like some religious folks and mostly stays above the fray these days, although the few times I have trolled his chatroom his reactions have been priceless.

Unfortunately, the rare, wild Grunchley is now an endangered species on ICQ and its habitat has shifted to "geocaching with increased fervor" and his own chatting site.

I'm not sure where the name Grunchley even comes from, but legend has it that it's a reference to his drunken college friend's attempt to term him "Grinchley" one Christmas when he stole the majority of eggnog- but his friend was too drunk and mispronounced the newly minted insult, resulting in rustled (and grunchled) jimmies all around.

Thankfully the wild Grunchley is likely to live a long life from continually hiking around the woods- although he's in bigfoot territory, so he should always carry his crucifix, not to pray but to bonk attacking yeti over the head.

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