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Saturday, December 14, 2013

GreeenUU and the Brony Question

This may very well be one of GreeenUU's accounts

GreeenUU is one of those perpetual goofies that spends his time on ICQ not chatting but rather trying to prevent others from having a good time- one of those fruities who can't stand seeing other people have a good time.

Once considered a countertroll, it is now surmised that GreeenUU is actually just one of those folks who wears a white tweed coat in the heat of summer and spends his time yelling at the local kids to "get the hell off my lawn you stupid bastards." It's quite possible that GreeenUU is hated in his local community, because everything near him is affected by his continual emotional downpours.

It also seems possible that he's a brony (which might explain his euphoric, fedora-wearing ways) for a search of his username yields precious few results, one being a colorlovers account called chokoreto (and this site and the profile picture appear to be an appropriate mental age for someone like GreeenUU.)

His normal M.O. is to lurk silently in chatrooms, waiting for someone to crack a joke, say something politically incorrect, or to troll- upon this he will pounce, sending private messages to the user in an attempt to stall them and drag them into a debate- smarter users ignored him long ago and pay no attention to his lunacy.

His autism and low mental age are further evidenced by his bizarre username- perhaps he has raging OCD and felt that "Green" was numerically insufficient for his needs, or perhaps he's an attention whore (likely) and felt this would make his name more visible.

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