This blog is a satire of the now-defunct ICQ chat service, which is thankfully dead because I destroyed it.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

JohnLennon Declares war on Cothrom


That whereas the moderator named "cothrom" has violated ICQ terms of service and whereas he has failed in performing his proper function as a representative of the ICQ.

And whereas the ICQ community is not a formalized representative republic, but rather a functionally oligarchic state with a balanced democratic corpus.

And whereas cothrom has violated these terms of service within the geographic extent of the state of Lennon (encompassing the mainland of #middle_east and #christianity as well as the colony of #icq-australia and jointly possessing, with the blessing of the forces of Truu, the colony of #atheism.)

And whereas it is seen that this moderator must be reprimanded to the fullest extent as prescribed by our legal and militaristic systems.

That the state of Lennon hereby does authorize limited preemptive strikes against this chatter lest he create imbalance within the region.

Be it also known that the militia is currently being activated, and has already struck cothrom's rebel forces within the region of #middle_east and that this will be the formalized beginning of hostilities.

Satan save us all!

~JohnLennon, lord regent of all ICQ

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