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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Zeppelin: A Case of Islamofascism in #ICQ_USA

A typical islamic reaction to saying Muhammad was crap.

It has been several months since muslims from (the hardcore salafi/wahabi site they built after I shit on their ICQ chatroom and destroyed it) realized that it was easier to find people to seduce into getting them greencards if they went to #ICQ_USA rather than staying in #middle_east.

About a half dozen regulars in the room are now islamic, so naturally I have to go there to egg them on and attack islam- it's exceptionally simple to bait them into spamming so they can be banned.

This particular user, zeppelin (who changed nicks after I cloned him) gave us all a pretty good example of the typical islamic reaction to hostility- spamming for 30 minutes after you've already stopped talking.

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