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Friday, August 2, 2013


The true nature of a zealot

The good old days when SAVEDBYTHEBLOOD spent his time spelling horribly and spewing inane bible verses in broken English seem to be over- with his latest trend being insulting anyone who calls out his idiocy, and then subsequently ignoring them.

Of course, most of the moderators on ICQ don't really care if this happens- but #christianity is a forsaken room that, 90% of the time, lacks any form of moderation anyways.

There will be quite a few updates to come as I am in contact with someone who has some "interesting" tales to tell with regards to the failure that is the ICQ moderation structure- for while every other major chatsite mainly allows rooms to be privately moderated, ICQ has a sort of weird hierarchical structure, which worked well until several of the upper level moderators (*cough* TNTease *cough*) (*cough* libra *cough*) became corrupt and inept.

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