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Friday, August 2, 2013

Guest389: The Most (In)famous Guest in #Christianity

Now comes the tale of a user who persists in using a guest nickname despite being a regular user- a fruity theist who hides under the moniker "Guest389" and comes to #christianity at least once a day.

Unless someone speaks directly to him, his statements range from "THIS WORLD IS NOT OUR HOME" to "GOD JUDGES ALL SEX SIN BOTH HOMO AND HETERO." His obsession with human sexuality perhaps is a good display of the zealous christian notion that other people's sex lives are their business (although they continuously invoke their dead god while judging others in an ironic perversion of new testament lore.)

As with REDEEMED, the moderators only rarely warn or ban Guest389, mainly because more than half of them are christians and, in direct violation of ICQ-wide rules, think the chatroom's name means ALL CAPS spam is acceptable as long as it preaches against the nonbelievers.

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