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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Celebrating One Week Without Nimo

Islam is slowly dying off anyways

An easy, peaceful mood has lately permeated ICQ's #Middle_East chatroom. At first, it was difficult to pinpoint the exact cause- why were there so few youtube links being spammed about "miracles of the scientific quran" or "jesus in the quran" or "the quran is always right"?

Then it dawned on me- the bot named Nimo, usually a staple of the chatroom, had seemingly died after being attacked on a daily basis by myself and other users.

This bot, which would spit out the title of a youtube video when the link was posted in the room, was exceedingly simply to abuse- merely spamming a link over and over would cause it to spit out the title at random intervals, while posting certain youtube videos with "vulgar" titles would eventually cause the bot to get banned, removing it from the room.

However, the owner of this hapless spambot seems to finally have realized it wasn't worth keeping in the room, so hooray for all of us- a tool muslims once used for spamming inane cleric rants is dead.

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