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Saturday, April 27, 2013

ICQ Islam: Dishonest Arguments, and Outright Lies... RocKiNRap AKA GreyClouds

RocKiNRap Has fun lying

Those who have debated muslims on ICQ before know that they are fond of lying to nonbelievers: a few notable examples follow.

1. Some islamic groups believe reciting "Allah alone is god and Muhammad is his messenger" in arabic makes you a muslim (thus allowing you to become apostate so they can insult and attack you when you refuse conversion) thus they often attempt to get chatters to recite this.

2. Lying about conversion rates, claiming islam is the fastest growing religion (it is third) and that "thousands of famous scientists have converted" (without ever mentioning any but a handful, all of whom were islamic to begin with.)

3. Lying about nationality, age, etc, and trying to seduce western women (usually single mothers or teens) to get greencards.

RocKiNRap AKA Greyclouds has outdone himself as the screen cap above shows- being caught in a lie about nationality, apparently not understanding that if he had been born in Virginia, he would not have been given "a passport" to show he was a citizen. He went on to claim he had lived in the USA for 6 years (another lie) and was even called out by the usually islamic apologist muslim777.

Lying at its finest.

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